Thursday, December 17, 2015

Back to Bath! A Yarn Story, possible beer drinking

Very happy to say that as part of my UK trip in February, I'm going to be making a few shop visits...

The weekend of February 20 and 21st, I'm back at the lovely A Yarn Story in Bath, to visit Carmen and friends. I'm teaching Custom Fit Socks, Math for Knitters Part 2 (alterations and adjustments) and Pattern Writing.

More details, and registration here!

Although thinking of convening a impromptu knit-night at The Bell Inn, which has been recognized by CAMRA as one of the 2014 pubs of the year.

Real ales, real yarn, real friends. What's not to love?


Winwick Mum said...

Socks and pubs, what's not to love indeed! Hope you have a fabulous trip over to the UK xx

Unknown said...

I was all ready to hop in my car and drive from Virginia to Maine to join you! Oh well, have a blast in the U.K!