Sunday, October 18, 2015

The "Better Elsewhere" Collection

If you’re a sock knitter, you like to buy sock yarn. But sometimes the “sock” yarn isn’t right for socks: sometimes the yardage is too short, sometimes the colours don’t work out, sometimes it’s just too pretty (or too much fun) to hide.

I offer a solution: three not-too-challenging garter-based wrap patterns, designed specifically for showing off socks yarns that might be better used elsewhere. These aren’t delicate precious lace pieces, they’re intended to be worn casually, every day.

Somewhere Wrap: Instead of mis-matched socks, show off the entire colour progression in a full skein of gradient yarn in this sideways shawl. Simple lace and easy short rows, explained thoroughly – suitable even for beginner lace knitters.

There There Shawl: Why waste those colours you fell in love with on the insides of your shoes? Tame that wild variegation in a triangle shawl with a little-known garter stitch variation and enjoy all that colour as a frame for your face, or a way to brighten up your dark winter coat.

Nowhere Cowl: Yardage too short for adult socks (Noro Silk Garden Sock I'm looking at you) is perfect for cosy and stylish neckwear. The lace pattern is easy to work and memorize, and the pretty results can be worn as a traditional scarf or seamed into a cowl.

They're all easy knits, suitable for working on during stress-full baseball games, or election night TV. And I bet you've already got some suitable yarn in your stash...

The collection of three patterns is available for $7.50 on Ravelry, (and soon on Patternfish and Craftsy).

Many thanks to Meredith Sexton and Anne Blayney for their help with the photos. Meredith for her wizardry behind the camera, and Anne for her willingness to dress like me for a day...


Alina said...

Oh, I love the simplicity of these projects! It would make a perfect last minute gift!

May said...

Thanks Kate! How did you know that my sock yarn stash was getting a little too big? These are great patterns.