Friday, June 12, 2015

New Video Class: Knit Socks That Fit

You may well have heard about my new sock book coming out this summer? It's all about how to create a custom-fit sock, for any yarn and any foot.

I've also recorded a companion video!

The video covers how to properly measure your foot, and your gauge and create a top-down or toe-up sock pattern using my master templates. There's a bit of arithmetic involved, but it's totally worth it. Totally.

Download version can be found for $19.99 here. DVD version for $24.99 here.

These two go nicely together: the book has tables providing all the numbers for the master pattern templates, for a wide range of foot sizes and yarn gauges (4 to 9 sts/inch - including the important 6.5 and 7.5!-, for finished socks from 5 to 10.5 inches in circumference), but I've also included the formulas if you're working with a foot/gauge outside of those ranges. The video tells you how to use the formulas and explains how they work.

If all you want is the template and the formulas, the video provides that. If you're nervous about the math, or want more guidance on how do diagnose and adjust for special fit considerations, or want a selection of (IMHO really great) patterns... ;-), then the book has all of that. And if you want to understand how to measure and use the formulas in the book, get the book and the video.

I'll be showing you some of the patterns in the very near future... come back next week!

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Robin said...

Thanks for clarifying this. The Interweave Store advertisements left me somewhat confused -- maybe because they are using the same cover illustrations for both the video and the book. I have been looking forward to this publication ever since your "foot survey" in 2011 at Sock Summit.