Thursday, June 12, 2014

Camping. My Way.

I am not a fan of camping. Intellectually, I get the appeal of "the great outdoors", but I just can't do it. No running water? Sleeping on rocks? Bears?

And so when Julie of the Needle Emporium asked me to go to Camp with her, I was a bit worried. I have a terrible poker face, and I might have spluttered a little bit.

"But Julie knows me well", I thought. "She knows me well enough to have bought a kettle especially for me when I'm teaching at her shop. Why on earth would she be asking me to go somewhere where there wasn't a kettle?...."

Before I could start coming up with excuses, Julie explained.

Needle Emporium Knitting Camp ain't camp Camp. There are no tents. There's proper beds and plumbing and drinks of both the hot and cold variety. And she explicitly promised no bears.

Knitting Camp sounds actually rather fantastic: a weekend of knitting and workshops and eating and drinking and games and silliness and fun. It's at the Bayview Wildwood resort, a little north of Toronto, which is entirely civilized.

I was already in, and then Julie told me that Sally Melville would be there, too. I can't wait to meet her.

Come and join us, September 18-21st. It's a fun weekend away from home - there's a view of the lake, and the food is great, and apparently they don't make you make your bed. Add knitting, and it makes it absolutely perfect.

I'll be teaching a variety of classes and workshops: Toe Up Socks, Sizing and Fit, Fixing Mistakes, and my Expert Tips workshop. Sally is teaching some fantastic classes, too. More info here. Come and play!

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