Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New online classes: Fixing Mistakes, and 'Gapless Gussets'

I'm thrilled beyond words to announce the launch of two more video classes.

Fixing Mistakes.

Knowing how to find and fix your mistakes - and when you don't have to - is what makes you a truly empowered knitter. I'll share tips and techniques for finding mistakes, fixing them - and perhaps more importantly - preventing and avoiding them in the first place.

It's available as a video download or a DVD, so you can watch over and over again, as often as you need!

You can see a preview of the Fixing Mistakes class here.

And the second class is Kate's Fantastic and Unbelievably Easy Technique for Avoiding Holes in Top-Down Sock Gussets, also known as "Gapless Gussets". This quickie video share the trick that I've been using for years to make better looking, and better fitting gussets in top-down socks.

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