Saturday, June 04, 2011

New Friends

I do so love the internet. Earlier this year I had an email from a knitter in Iceland. Hrönn, a fashion designer and teacher, was coming to Toronto and she had a few questions about what to see and do here.

(You should visit her blog; even if you don't read Icelandic, you can see pictures of her work, all original designs modeled herself and by her beautiful daughter.)

We had a lovely chat by email, and I had fun sharing with her all the great things I love to do in this city.

She was here this past week, and we arranged to meet.

Hrönn is an amazing woman - she was wearing a dress she had designed herself from vintage fabric, and she fitted in so very well with the boho chic on display in Kensington market in the summer. I loved spending time with her (and her friends) and talking about knitting, beer, fashion and family life.

And she brought me a gift: a big bag of Lopi yarns! Beautiful, fine, natural coloured Lopi yarns. Laceweight Lopi! Just the sort of stuff I love. Hrönn doesn't know this about me, but I'm well-known among my knitting friends as the girl who can wear Lopi next to my skin, so she can be certain I will enjoy working with and wearing it.

I'm already considering a lace design or two for these yarns.

She also brought me a book of Lopi patterns (in English, thank goodness) I've never seen before, which has a fascinating history of Lopi knitting.

And tucked in with the yarn was some Opal licorice candy - a typical, traditional Icelandic treat. I absolutely love the box design.

Thank you, Hrönn (even though I can't pronounce your name properly!) - it was great to meet you, and it was very sweet of you to bring me such wonderful gifts.

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Hrönn Traustadóttir said...

Hi Kate :-)

OMG - thank you for all your kind words.
I just saw this now for the first time !!!
I haven´t been blogging for a long time but will start again very soon.
I have to show what I did knit from the yarn I bought in Toronto.

Best wishes and thank´s again for everything I really had a great time :-)