Friday, December 10, 2010

May I Please Measure Your Baby's Head?

A few months ago I worked on the pattern for the Heirloom Baby Bonnet. It's been a winner - people love knitting it, and I love seeing the adorable results.

I've been asked about writing it for multiple sizes. The original pattern was sized to match the original bonnet. (See story here.) It fits about a 3 month old.

It's not as easily resized as a standard hat, because of the way it fits. I've found useful tables of head circumferences only - the Craft Yarn Council of America site has a great page here.

(The graphic comes from their site.)

But head circumference isn't immediately helpful for this design. I need the other direction - around under the chin and up over the top of the head, and then the partial circumference around the back of the head at about cheek height.

I've been grumbling that I don't have access to a baby to measure, and I'm pretty sure I'd be arrested if I started trying to measure the heads of babies in the street.

And then it occurs to me - out there in internet land, there are babies! And mamas of said babies who might be willing to help me.

Mamas? Can you help?

I'm looking for the following info, for babies up to 18 months old: age of the babe, circumference of the head around the chin and up over the top of the head, and measurement around the back of the head from cheek to cheek.

Please leave a comment or email me the info. Free copy of the multi-size baby bonnet pattern to anyone who can help.

Thank you!


Liz (LizOnTheHill on twitter) said...

My baby is 10.5 mo old. She has a head diameter of 17.75" around-the-head-over-the-ears and a measurements of 18.5" under-the0chin-and-over-the-top.

This is as close as I can get with the squirmy factor.

Miss McCrocodile said...

Hi Kate,
My niece Eileen (aka Lenny) measures 42cm around, 44cm under the chin and 26cm back of the head, cheek to cheek (as Fred Astaire would say).
She was born on Aug. 16, so that makes her almost 4 months old. Hope this helps!
All the best,
Maureen aka Miss McCrocodile

KarenJ said...

Sorry, I can't give you measurements, but just a suggestion. On the other side of the Atlantic (that would be your side) I have a thirteen month old grandaughter who I swear comes to my waist and is already wearing a 24 mos.size. I still want baby styles for her but sometimes they just aren't big enough!