Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spatchcocked: The Sweater

As promised!

This design uses Noro Shirakaba, a lovely new cotton, silk and wool blend that comes in surprisingly subtle - for Noro, anyway - colourways.

Four sizes available: Finished bust: 38 ins/97 cm, 42 ins/107 cm, 46 ins/117 cm, 50 ins/127 cm. Wear it loose and relaxed, with at least a couple of inches of ease.

The design is worked in one piece - yes! one piece! You cast on for the lower back, knit up the back, cast on for the sleeves, work the full width of the back, cast off for the neckline, and then work the fronts separately.

There is, therefore, minimal finishing!

It's a very wearable piece, going nicely over a dress or a tshirt in the summer.

Available from Ravelry, Patternfish and The Purple Purl, where the sample is on display.

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Anonymous said...

Good morning Kate,

I have just bought the pattern and love it!

Thank you for offering such a lovely design.