Monday, October 26, 2009

Converting Magic Loop Patterns to DPNs

(And back...)

I think everyone knows I prefer DPNs to magic loop for socks. No judgment on either technique - I know which one I prefer and I stick with it. I am good friends with avowed ML users; and they seem to tolerate me.

The thing that does frustrate me about the whole situation, however, is the patterns. It surprises me how many patterns are written specifically for one technique or the other. (And yes, I'm guilty of this, but I've changed, and am slowly trying to update my older patterns.) I think, as designers, we're doing knitters a disservice. Sure, a really experienced knitter can convert on the fly - but not everyone is confident enough with their needles, or wanting to do some homework with their knitting project.

Since ML and DPNs produce the same result, and really are the same technique with a single minor difference- how the stitches are distributed on the needles - there is no reason why the patterns shouldn't accommodate all techniques - hey, even those who knit with two circulars!

With this in mind, I wrote a blog post for my friends at Signature Needle Arts on how to convert from Magic Loop patterns for working on DPNs.

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