Saturday, August 22, 2009

Update on Shrug Rant & Garter

One commenter tells me that she likes the garter front edge on the shrug.

Perhaps that's the bit I'm missing - that people like how it looks. Do you agree?

I like garter stitch, don't get me wrong. My complaint here is that it seemed out of place when the upper and lower edges were ribbed. If the garter edge is good, then it would have looked better, IMHO, if all the edgings were in garter. Keep it harmonious?



Jean E. said...

In the two photos you provide, I prefer the garter stitch. However, I can't really see the edging in the Noro example. Since the Noro yarn has so much character, maybe the ribbing would be the preferred edging in that example.

mmj said...

I have seen lovely examples of garter. This is not one of them.

Generally, I prefer ribbing because it doesn't have that horizontal widening effect that garter does. It's not about challenge: it's about how the garment looks.

Also, garter creates a thicker fabric.

Just my two cents.