Thursday, February 19, 2009

Body Done

Ok, so the main portion is done. I do like that I was able to adjust the length on the fly -- I went a bit longer than the pattern called for, based on what I want to wear this with.

What next -- sleeves or edging? I think I'll try for the edging first, as my reading on top-down raglans make me think that the sleeve might need some adjusting to fit me well.

I'm going to use the same accidental modification that Jen did for the edging, and work it in the same cable-and-rib pattern (rather than plain old ribbing), without a buttonhole.

My last posts have spurred a fair bit of discussion... TracyKM agrees with me that although short-row shaping can often be a solution to the fit problem, they are not easy to add to a top-down one-piece raglan. And Kirsten remarks that although she's confident making them work when sewing, she's less confident about how they work in sweaters.

TracyKM also made me laugh by commenting that things were much easier in the 1980s, when all sweaters were big boxes with sleeves that started somewhere around your elbow.

Me, I've started researching and noodling on a top-down set-in sleeve. Short row shoulder shaping! Easily modified armhole depth! Excited about the possibilities...

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