Monday, September 22, 2008

It's Research, Really

There's a block of Queen Street West, not far from where I live, that's an absolute killer. Heading west from the corner, it's as follows: a coffee shop, one of my favourite clothes shops in the entire world, a huge yarn shop, and then my hairdresser.

And if you stand at the corner and look north, there's a little ice cream shop that makes the best strawberry ice cream I've ever tasted.

There's also a terrific vintage clothes shop about 6 doors farther down.


It means that a haircut typically costs me significantly more than just the price of the cut.

On the yarn front, I usually try to resist, as I'm not a stasher by nature... except, of course, for my terrible weakness for sock yarn.

I found this little goodie in the bottom of a basket in the bargain basement.... $4.80. There was only one 50gm ball in this colourway, which I know gives me enough yarn for a pair with contrasting heels, toes and cuffs.

I justified it to myself because, first of all, it's monochrome, and secondly, because I've never actually worked with a yarn that comes with its own little spool of reinforcing yarn. I love that it's dyed to match. So yeah, it's research.

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Lisa R-R said...

good catch! that yarn is about 6 euros per ball in Italy ...