Thursday, July 24, 2008

BSJ Yarn Requirements: Thinking About It the Wrong Way

A helpful commenter suggested a way to slightly shorten the BSJ and save myself a bit of stress about the yarn requirements... there's 10 even rows in the middle that could be reduced or even omitted.

But after admiring all these wonderful pictures of completed BSJs online and in Ravelry, I had a thought. I really shouldn't be working it in one colour at all. It's screaming out for stripes, to show off the interesting construction.

Back to the stash.

I actually have four colours of this yarn in varying quantities... I have the same quantity of a red mix (which, I must confess, I was saving for something else, possibly a hat), a teeny tiny bit of a black mix, and about a full ball's worth of light pink.

All sorts of possible combinations result...

I think I'm going for the strawberry-pistachio combo... although I lose the non-gender specificity of the pistachio on its own, it does look great with the pink, and selfishly, it allows me to keep the red and black for another project.

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Anne's Blogs said...

I definitely agree with your choice. It really jumped out at me.