Monday, August 20, 2007


I was at a Church of Craft get together in New York this evening.

(Great group of people, indulging in a variety of crafts -- some fibre (fiber!) related, some not. Let's just say that tarantulas are significantly less frightening when they're needle felted, with beaded legs, in hot pink.)

I wasn't the only sock knitter. Kim was working two at once on magic loop in some very nice Fiesta yarn. We compared techniques, and she idly asked if I'd ever knit socks toe-up.

Err.... No.

I have never knit socks from the toe up. I've used a variety of heel turns, tried a few different toe shapings, done all sorts of different things for the leg -- but I am absolutely 100% committed to top-down sock knitting. Heterosocksual, if you will.

Perhaps it's time.... Living in New York is all about trying new things, after all.

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Christine said...

Hi Wise Hilda: Keep us posted of yur progress if you do get going on the toe-up sock. I'm curious about your opinion of the heel turn. For some reason, this is where my sock gets kinda hung up and I get confused...maybe because I'm trying to apply some top-down logic to it! Ta! ~Comette.