Friday, March 09, 2007


I'm taking a refresher course in French, through my employer.

My classes are Fridays, so invariably the instructor asks what my plans are for the weekend. "Tricot" was about all I knew... and she doesn't knit so we were both struggling for the vocabulary.

Thanks to V. who is in my Thursday class, I have found the answer... Tricotin, a French language knitting site. The "Trico-Dico" is an astonishingly complete list of knitting terms in French and English.

Merci bien, V.!


AuntieAnn said...

How wonderful. Is it just me, or is it typical of French that a word like "steek" is translated as "Mailles supplémentaires destinées à être coupées" or "extra stitches destined to be cut"?

AuntieAnn said...

This blog:
is mostly about knitting and the French is sometimes loosely translated into English. I was trying to read it to help keep up with my French, but mostly it is too much for my poor French. Lately she's on about OGM's in food (possible English translation -- GMO's, genetically modified organisms -- but this is just a guess). The writer is in Belgium.

twiceknit said...

My hubby just came back from France and brought me a bunch of wonderful pattern French. I knew sites like this were out there but hadn't tracked any down yet. Thanks!