Wednesday, May 24, 2006

It is hair, after all

I buy a lot of vintage. One of my latest purchases is a lovely red aran cardi. I couldn't resist -- the bargain-basement price was a factor, but I loved it most of all because it was red. You never see red arans.

But damn it, it's itchy. Wow. I can see why it ended up lonely and forlorn in a vintage store on the clearance rack.

But wool is hair. And conditioner is good for hair. So there's no reason why conditioner isn't good for wool, I figured.

I'd read about using hair conditioner to soften itchy sweaters. And it works! A good old simple cream conditioner, and I soaked the sweater for over an hour -- but it is noticeably softer.

Very pleased.


Bev in TN said...

Just found your blog by (originally) way of technorati and I am thrilled with the good info you provide, especially this post confirming something I had been thinking of trying...putting to good use the hair conditioner(s) that I decided I didn't like for my hair, but my knitting might like. Thanks for that!

hoong said...

I have some red wool, I am sure it is going to itch since it is hairy. I will try the softener. BUT the hairs come off and stick to other clothes. Do you have any solutions?