Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Looking for Inspiration/A Confession

I've been flipping through books and magazines seeking a new project, something to challlenge and entertain me. A couple of things of interest in the Winter Vogue Knitting -- love the short aran cardi but as usual I'd have to modify the pattern to get anything like a decent fit. I like being petite, I do, but it's sometimes a huge amount of work trying to get something to fit nicely.

I'm finding myself drawn to the lace designs. I'm looking at shawl patterns and stoles and strange wrappy-things with sleeves, all in lace. I even picked up and seriously looked through A Gathering of Lace in the bookstore the other night. Looked at it not as I used to, with mouth hanging open in fear and disgust. But I looked at it through different eyes... the eyes of a budding lace knitter, perhaps?

What have I done?

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