Friday, July 31, 2009

Things I Won't Do

We attended a rather marvelous event last night - a Craft Beer Summer BBQ. Lots of great beers to sample and food to enjoy - and all for the bargain price of $35 a person.

We've been going to similar sorts of beer festivals for many years, and we have a well-evolved strategy. Wear loose clothing and comfortable shoes and take a small shoulder bag with only the essentials: money, ID, front door key, a water bottle and sunscreen.

Such beer festivals are just about the only event I don't take knitting to. I'd be afraid of losing a needle, screwing up the knitting, or indeed hurting someone with the needle.

However, at last night's event, I spotted a brave soul sitting at a table, knitting. And not just any knitting - she was doing colourwork from a chart. While drinking.

Me, I hesitate to even leave the house when doing colourwork.

She looked like she was doing very well when I spotted her - but then it was fairly early in the evening. I wonder how well she was doing a couple of hours later...

Anonymous knitter, I bow to your skill - or at least chutzpah.

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