Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Name is Kate, and I Have a Problem

I was long overdue for a haircut, so I made my way down to one of the scariest blocks in the city.

It's in a great part of town, and is a nice walk from home. The scary bit is that in the same block there is a very good coffee shop, my favourite clothes shop, a giant yarn shop, a phenomenally good vintage shop, and my hairdresser. A haircut can become very very expensive and highly caffeinated.

I got off pretty lightly this time. Except for one small thing.

Only a little thing.

The aforementioned giant yarn shop who shall remain nameless (if you're in Toronto, you know which one it is) is having a 20% off everything sale.

Even then, I was disciplined. I stayed in the bargain basement.

And this was sitting the corner, shouting my name.

$7.99 for 100gm of Fortissima Socka? I couldn't leave it. And it was included in the sale! Less than half the original price!

I love Socka. It was one of the first 'real' sock yarns I started with back in the mid 1990s, and I've loved it ever since. It's hard-wearing, easy-to-knit, a good gauge for in-shoe wear (30-32 sts) and comes in colours both fun and sensible. This will be perfect for a paying-attention-to-something-else plain stocking stitch sock.

So, once again, I buy sock yarn. I have a lot of sock yarn.

That having been said, I am trying to use it up as fast as I can.

On the needles right now - a Silk Garden plain sock for times when I need to pay attention to something else, a commissioned lace design with Tanis Fiber Arts sock - more details later - and my second gansey sock design.

The gansey and lace socks have deadlines, so I've been spending more time on those.

There's also the matter of the second Shibui sock which I need to cast on. And then this new Cascade sock yarn for which I have a design idea.... and then...

and then there's the rest of the stash. Last time I checked, I had between 40-50 pairs' worth of sock yarn in the stash....

My name is Kate, and I have a Problem.


Liz said...

Hi Kate!

My name is Liz, and I have a Problem, too.

Not only do I have between 40-50 pairs' worth of sock yarn in the stash, I'm a slow knitter!

May said...

I head to the same area for my haircut too. It's great to combo yarn and haircut.

Patternfish said...

I know this area. Good though they really are, I don't shop at the clothes stores, just the yarn place... and the Polish deli... yarn and food, that's about it. And of course you had to buy the Socka. It's a moral imperative.