Thursday, July 09, 2009

New Pattern: Top-Down With A Difference Vest

I'm pretty pleased with this one. I've blogged before about the pros and cons of top-down construction.

I love how a top-down one-piece construction has some truly great benefits: very little finishing, it's easy to try on as you go, great to use up leftovers and adjust the length as you need.

But they're most often raglans - and raglans don't work for every body type. I look terrible in a raglan - they either fit around the shoulders or the bust, but never both. A raglan just doesn't lend itself to a tailored fit, and they are not as easy to adjust as some people claim.

Inspired by Barbara Walker, I created a top-down, one-piece set-in sleeve design, with shaped shoulders. (Well, ok, it's sleeveless, but the armholes are tailored and shaped as if it was a set in sleeve.)

I've added optional bust and waist shaping, to tailor the fit as precisely as you need it to - again, another great advantage of top-down - try it on to see what sort of shaping you need. And I've kept the edgings minimal - simple and rolled, so that the tailoring can really shine.

Now available on Patternfish.

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