Wednesday, July 01, 2009

All Socks All the Time at the Moment

Not just because of the needles (yeah, yeah, I know; I'm boring you), but because I'm actually on a publication deadline... all I'm knitting at the moment is socks.

I've got the super-secret assignment sock

which is all cables and complex stuff, so it's slow and careful going. I've got the second sock almost done, but I'm quietly starting to worry about how much yarn I have left. It's a 110gm skein, and I've got about an inch left in the foot and then the toe, and about 17gm left in the little ball. I'm sure I'll be ok, but it feels like that ball is getting smaller and smaller far too quickly. I do have 5gm of yarn in the swatch, so I can salvage that if need be. Keep your fingers crossed for me, as I don't think there's any of that yarn in the city right now.

And then there's the restful plain stocking stitch Noro Silk Garden sock.

This is the in transit/at party/on the phone knitting.

Not sure with how the colours are working out, but we'll see when the second one is knitted up. The plan with these socks is to just work from the ball without worrying about where the colours start. I did the heel from the centre of of the ball, but what I've got is rather too neutral right now -- with the exception of that splash of purple at the base of the leg. It's going to turn turquoise at any minute, so that should break things up.

And absolutely nothing else. Am not allowed to start anything else until the red sock is done. Hopefully tonight.

We have a terrible (hopefully fabulously so) movie to watch, so I plan on making lots of progress.

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