Friday, April 09, 2010

Noro Yarns continue to surprise: Shirakaba

Not only is the new Noro Shirakaba remarkably restrained in its colouring... I mean, it's practically a solid colour... but it's also machine washable!

After the recent successful machine-washing experiments with Silk Garden, I'm feeling emboldened.

I am working on a new design - pictures to follow shortly - in Shirakaba. Today's laundry day, so I grabbed the swatch, and threw it in with the jeans on a cold wash.




Funny little ruler included for sense of scale.

No felting, no shrinking - it just softened up nicely.

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Sherri said...

That is great to know because if I gave my neice a dry clean only cowl my sister would kill me.

Did it change the drape at all for you? I found handwashing in cold in Eucalan made it a bit more flexible (for lack of a better word).