Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Pattern: Baby Booties

There seems to be a rash of babies at the moment - N's best friend George and his wife Heather recently welcomed baby Sophie to the world. N's cousin is expecting any minute. Some good friends recently had twins (welcome Connor and Liam!), and another very good friend is due in August.

This is too much for a knitter - there just isn't time for so many blankets in quick succession. Can I suggest booties?

Newborn to 3 months size. Using less than one ball of DK weight cotton, they are knitted flat and sewn up. There's a plain version with a ribbed cuff and one a little fancier. This style uses a crochet chain tie to ensure they stay on kicky little feet.

Suitable for knitters with a little experience, but not taxing. And certainly quick for emergency baby gifts!

Available online at Ravelry and Patternfish.


Kirsten said...

Babies are indeed EVERYWHERE right now, at least in my world, although the ones at school are not born yet.

In one office where I work, out of 10 people there are currently 4 pregnant. There are another three elsewhere in the building. That's about 7% of the faculty!

I knitted a hat for the first one, and have been contemplating whether I can manage another six hats (both in terms of time and interest) before they start to pop. These might be great for when I get sick of hats!

murphy said...

Cute! After I finish my mary-jane booties, i'm going to try these!!