Tuesday, November 24, 2009

On Display...

A few weeks ago, Megan at Lettuce Knit got a funny phone call. From a certain High-End Department Store on Bloor Street in Toronto. They needed a scarf. A red scarf. For their holiday store display. Specifically, they needed 58 feet of red scarf.

Megan found the heaviest red yarn she could locate - Cascade Magnum - and I did some math.

58 feet was going to take 15 skeins.

The wrinkle was that this High-End Department Store needed it within a week.

Calls were made. Knitters were gathered. DVDs were rented. 15mm needles were distributed.

Me, I did about one and half skeins' worth.

I went to visit it last weekend, this scarf. Looks rather chic, no? It's in three sections, spread around this rather amazing display on the second floor.

This will be the only time in my life that any of my work will be on display at High-End Department Store, and I'm going to enjoy it!

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Jane said...

Hi Kate...went to see your part of the scarf today on the way back from the oral surgeon. I usually don't shop 'there' so it was interesting to see how they have done the three displays. I wonder what will happen after Xmas? I hope they don't throw it out or relegate it to a dusty store room.
It should be divided into useable lengths and donated to a shelter.