Friday, November 27, 2009

My Friends in Kenosha, WI Have Been Improving Things Again

I'm not a user of sock blockers. I have feet for that, after all. My usual (foolproof and pragmatic if slightly odd) method for blocking socks is to get them wet, roll them in a towel to wring them out, put them on, take them off, and then hang them to dry.

I struggle more with drying them than I do with blocking them. I often handwash my handknit socks - not entirely necessary, but it's not a huge hassle and it it's worth it to me if they last longer. And then I have to hang them up to dry.

The thicker ones take ages to dry.

(Gratuitous damp sock story: last October, we flew to the UK for a weekend to surprise one of my brothers brother for his 50th birthday. I finished a pair of Socks that Rocks socks moments before we left home, so I wore them on the plane. I washed them on the Saturday morning, and on the Monday morning, as I was dragging myself out of bed for an early flight, I realized they were still pretty damp. Lots of frantic toweling, and a spin in the dryer, and they were still damp when I needed to leave. Naturally, they were the only clean socks I had, so I put them on anyway and headed out. By the time I got to the departure lounge, they were mostly dry, and to finish them off I took them off in the ladies' loo and spent a few minutes with them under the hand-dryer. I am quite certain that stranger things have been dried under the hand-dryers in the toilets at Heathrow - I didn't get a single funny look. Anyway, no trench foot, no pneumonia, and the best-blocked socks ever.)

My brilliant friends at Signature Needles have solved my sock-drying problem with their new sock blocker/sock drying rack. Love it! Socks dry in record time, and they are elegantly out of the way on my shower rack - and if they are dripping, it all drips nicely into the tub. The rack also hangs over a doorknob or a corner of my laundry rack.

Brilliant and beautiful - they've done it again.

(All I need now is a travel version... )


Northmoon said...

The sock drier is brilliant! My mother always gives me practical laundry type things for Christmas, so I'll make sure she knows about this. Thanks for posting about it!

Mary Q Contrarie said...

I love the sock drier. I can use it on my clothes drying rack. My son is into making hats. He has been drying them on two liter bottles but that is not quite the right thing to use. Is there a similar hat hanger manufactured?