Sunday, November 29, 2009

FO & Crochet Killer App

In my other life, the tech world, we talk about the concept of a killer app. It's usually used in the context of being the one thing that convinces you to use a particular piece of hardware. In the context of video gaming, we used to say that Halo was the killer app for Xbox - it wasn't available for any other gaming machine (at the time), and it was so good you just had to get yourself an Xbox.

I recently found my Crochet Killer App: the thing that convinced me to seriously take up crochet. You know, like following a pattern and everything...

The Metropolitan Headphones (scroll down) from Brooklyn Tweed's pattern book.

Big old retro headphones - (a.k.a. "cans") in wooly form.

I think I look suitably ridiculous in them, no?

Crochet is terrific for structured fabrics, and using two different sizes of crochet hooks you get a nicely formed earcup. They're hollow in the original design - to put over your headphones! Since I use earbuds, and my ears get very cold, I'm thinking of lining them with fleece for extra warmth.

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