Wednesday, September 23, 2009

More on the Magic Loop Question

Some great input through the comments and via Twitter. A snapshot, in case you're curious:
Thanks to everyone who replied!

I've been asked why I was asking... was it because I was going to give Magic Loop another go? Nope. I'm perfectly fluent in the technique - and I prefer a 32 inch needle - but I'm still happier with my dpns.

Which brings me to the reason I asked... it's just a bit of non-scientific research for some friends of mine.


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TracyKM said...

I just use whatever needle I have that's long enough. Sometimes I pull out two loops, sometimes just one. I have no idea how long the needles are as although I still have packages, I don't know which needle came from which package anymore, LOL.
An interesting note, last night I was skimming through Debbie New's "Unexpected Knitting" again, and in the reference section at the back, she described magic loop and says she's been doing it for years but had never seen any sort of reference to it anywhere. She didn't call it magic loop; the book was written in 2001. I'm wondering where the term came from and when.