Thursday, June 04, 2009

Textile Museum Yardage Sale

BTW, I apologize to everyone who went to the Textile Museum sale on my recommendation... I've been told by several knitters that it wasn't a great event... apparently, there was lots of fabric available, but very little in the way of knitting goodies.

I sent a friend with a crisp $10 bill and directions to spend it on as much cool/interesting/amusing stuff as she could get her hands on. All she was able to find was a vintage sock pattern book en francais. It's a pretty typical 1950s (?) sock pattern book - lots of manly argyles and cables.

It's not all manly stuff, though... there's an excellent pair of over-the-knee lace and cable socks.

(Click to embiggen.)

The best thing about the pattern book is what I found tucked inside... two ads, likely cut out of magazines, for two very handsome pairs of socks. The ads are in English, and aren't for knitting patterns - they are for actual socks. Design inspiration for the owner of the pattern book, I have to assume?

The tag line at the bottomn of the ad is wonderful - "Makers of England's Finest Hose and Sweaters for Men".

These must have been some pretty grand socks - the price listed in the ad is $3.95 for a pair of half hose, $3.50 for anklets.


MM Jones said...

Must show you the pattern book of a small boy in cardigan with a BB gun. It is awesome.

RobbieKL said...

I have that book too, but in English!
If you ever need to check a pattern in it, let me know - or you can also find it easily on ebay - I think I paid around $5 for it, including shipping...