Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Seeking Leftovers - Diamond Fine Merino DK

I'm working on a friend (brother? officemate?) for Adelaide - to be called Richmond. (The names, BTW, were inspired by a mystery book I read years ago. All the characters were named after roads and intersections in Toronto. Beverly Dundas. Chief Inspector Don V. Parkway. And Adelaide and Richmond Simcoe.)

I'm looking for scraps of yarn to make some clothes in different colours. Anybody got any partial balls of Diamond's Luxury Collection Fine Merino DK that they are willing to part with? I want bits and pieces of as many colors as I can find.

Contact me through email or find me on Ravelry and send me a message. Thanks!

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tapeheads said...

I've got a ton of it leftover from the daisy dress I made for Z. Light blue and a dark blue (or maybe dark green hard to tell) I can leave it at the Purl for you if you'd like.