Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Design: Entrelac Hat/Patternfish & Ravelry

This started out as a demo of Entrelac in the round at a recent class.... as I was working on it, it became pretty clear that it was actually a hat.

It knits up startlingly quickly on super bulky yarn, and uses less than 100m. It's also a great way to play with Entrelac in the round, before you move onto socks. The funny thing about Entrelac in the round is that it's actually somewhat easier than Entrelac worked flat -- no starting triangles on the rounds, you see.

So not only is it a great way to show off Entrelac skills - and a nice and different way to use a self-striping yarn - but it's also easy enough that it can be your first Entrelac project.

Available for purchase on Patternfish and in Ravelry.

I've been asked what the difference is between Patternfish and Ravelry, and why my patterns are available on both. Patternfish is an online shop that focuses only on high-quality knitting patterns, for sale. There are no freebies on Patternfish - all patterns are sold, and come with the assurance of knowing that there is someone to send questions or comments to. It's advertising-free, and focuses on being a simple, straightforward place to browse and buy patterns. The searching capabilities are pretty damn sophisticated, so you can fine tune a search to land on precisely the pattern you're looking for...

Ravelry is a full-on social networking site - with forums and discussions and personal profiles and a place to post your knitting projects and your stash. There are free and paid patterns available on Ravelry. Ravelry does require a by-invitation sign up - so not everyone is part of it.

I'm a fan of both sites - and I wanted to make sure that knitters have as many options as possible to find and (hopefully) buy my patterns.

And even if you don't buy it - have a good laugh at the thought of me modeling a heavy woolly hat on the first hot & muggy day of the summer.


Sel and Poivre said...

Being in the on line knitting world so frequently it always amazes me when I encounter knitters who aren't familiar with things like Ravelry, Knitty, Patternfish and the like - I can hardly imagine knitting without them!

Very cute hat BTW!

Robyn - Red Bird Knits said...

A designer suffering for her art!

Cute hat Kate

Red Bird Knits