Thursday, August 06, 2009

Socks, Eh?

To celebrate Sock Summit, I've put together a list of some of my favourite sock designs and links to the various patterns.

Free Patterns
Knitty Socks 101 - a template for creating a sock to fit any foot, with any yarn.

The Basic Ribbed Sock - Women's sizes - a 3x1 ribbed sock designed specifically because I find k1 p1 ribbing oddly boring, and it doesn't look good in a self-patterning yarn; k3 p1 ribbing runs all down the leg and the foot
The Basic Ribbed Sock - Men's sizes

The Reverse Basic Ribbed Sock - because in some variegated yarns, the reverse side of k3 p1 ribbing looks better.

The Christmas Sock - they don't have to be for Christmas - they look just as good in a single colour, or in other colour combos. Mock Cable rib all along the leg and down the foot make them fit well, and look a bit more special than your everyday socks. And no cable needle required!

Available for Purchase
Exploded Ribbing Sock- Patternfish link; Ravelry link

Midnight Sky Sock -Patternfish link; Ravelry link

Spring Blossom Sock - Patternfish link; Ravelry link

Summer Sock Wardrobe
- Patternfish link; Ravelry link

April Showers Sock
- exclusive to The Naked Sheep - Ravelry link

New Designs - Not Yet Published

Gansey Sock I - stay tuned for news on this one

Gansey Sock II

Patterns Published Elsewhere
Northern Lights & Winter Forest Socks - Festive 2008 issue of A Needle Pulling Thread
Irish Spring Sock - Issue 13 of Yarn Forward; Ravelry link
No Sweat Socks in No Sheep For You - Ravelry link
Fancy Fair Isle Socks in Tops & Toes

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