Saturday, May 23, 2009

Vacation Knitting

A long flight looms, so I've carefully chosen a selection of knitting to keep me entertained...

A new lace design in Louet Signature Series Paco Vicunas.

A just-started sock in Regia Nation Colour red & white.

And a spare ball of sock yarn, just in case I finish the other two projects. It's the Shibui Sock I picked up at the Frolic.

And that's just for the flight. I have the second ball of each of the Shibui and the Regia for the rest of the trip. 2 pairs of socks and a lace scarf for 10 days. That should be just enough, I think.

As to the needles on the plane situation - I'm taking bamboo needles (safely protected in that fabulous little cardboard tube thingy) for the socks. For the lace, I have threaded a lifeline and put the work on an older short metal circular that I'm willing to surrender if airport security asks me to. The good needle is packed safely in the suitcase. This strategy has served me well in the past - if they do complain about my metal needles at security, it can safely be removed from my knitting, and I've got something else to work on. And if not, I get to knit lace on the plane. I find lace knitting ideal for long flights. Doesn't take up much room, and god knows there's nothing else to draw my attention away from it.

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Anonymous said...

Hello, I am envious of your trip to the sock summit. Will be purchasing my first DPN needles from Signature. Will they be including your Cables and twist pattern with purchase? Arly