Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Holiday Knitting

The red flag means it's too rough to swim... and too rough to knit outdoors, actually. Very very windy on the jetty here in Aberdovey.

But it's never too windy to knit in the Dovey Arms.

As to what I'm knitting... well, that was a last minute addition to my suitcase. A simple garter-based lace scarf in Malabrigo sock yarn. It's quick knitting, ideal for the car. The problem is that I failed to pack a tape measure.

Off to the Colinette headquarters tomorrow. I suspect they may have a tape measure I can use.


Jessica said...

I once had a brilliant insight, and measured my knitting needles (or the straight portion of my circs) - now I have a built-in ruler. Good for rough guesstimations.

MM Jones said...

I would guess by the warm jacket that it is too cold and too rough to swim! Please post about your Colinette adventures. And please steal a sheep and bring it home for me. I think Millie needs a sheep.