Saturday, January 10, 2015

Math for Knitters: Webseminar Part 2

Recorded late last year, the second part of my Math for Knitters Webseminar series is now available for download and listening at your leisure.

This two-part series of one-hour presentations focused on numbers issues in knitting...

In Part One, I discussed:
Yarn shop math: how to make sure you're buying enough yarn for your project.
Pattern math: gauge math; repeats and how to deal with numbers-intensive instructions in your project, like "decrease five sts evenly across; and the dreaded 'Reversing Shapings' and 'At the Same Time'.
Project math: how to figure out how long it will take you to finish your project, how to figure out if you have enough yarn, how to figure out how long you can make your scarf.

In Part Two, I went deeper:
Gauge: what it's all about: why it matters, how to check, it, and what to do if you can't match it.
Adjusting patterns for gauge: how to do it, and when not to.
Adjusting patterns for sizing and fit: easy ways to modify a garment to improve the fit.

Although I know that I love the math, not everyone else does, so many of my solutions are about keeping the number-crunching to a minimum.

This session will make you a smarter shopper: my goal is help you figure out how to choose patterns that are easiest to modify. And then I'll show you how to make those modifications to get exactly the result you want!

If you love math, this class is for you - I'll empower you to adjust and modify patterns to your needs! And if you don't love math, this class is for you - I'll show you how to avoid it as much as possible, while still making adjustments.

Both classes are available for on-demand listening, for $19.99 each. Part One. Part Two.

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