Friday, May 07, 2010

Material Girl Socks

I'm thrilled to announce the first sock pattern in a series of rockin' sock designs for Van Der Rock yarns.

Meet the Material Girl.

This pattern will make you want to draw on a fake mole, wear your bra as outerwear and constantly re-invent yourself.

And matching wristlets, naturally.

Three-page full-colour PDF includes pattern for socks and wristlets in three women’s sizes, with tips for personalizing the fit. Calls for 2 x 50g skeins of Van Der Rock Super Sock or Merino Sock and shown here in Neon.

More details on Ravelry and at Van Der Rock Yarns' site.

Material Girl is the first in a series of rockin’ sock designs... check back during Summer 2010 for more patterns inspired by women who rock.

She'll be on display at the Frolic, and patterns and the seriously wonderful Van Der Rock sock yarn will be available. And even if you're not livin' in a material world, I bet they have a colour that you'll love.


mmj said...

these are seriously hot!

etcgirl said...

Oh. Tell me you are planning on a Joan Jett entry, yes?

Destiny said...

those are really cute and look super comfortable

announcements said...

Those socks are cute and beautiful. Whose idea was that?

Illinois said...

Damn yeah! I love this one.

john said...

Excellent. Keep it up