Monday, March 29, 2010

Finished Moose Sweater

Way to go, J.!

J's Moose sweater is phenomenal. And I'm not just saying that because I designed it, and because she choose the colours I would have used... ;-)

It's phenomenal because she did an absolutely amazing job of knitting it - holy even colourwork, Batman! - and she looks great in it.

She did made a couple of modifications: no front pockets, and she cut the lower part of the collar short so that she can put a zipper in. If you're working on the sweater and need the details on these changes, email me and let me know.

Thanks J. - I'm honoured you chose my pattern.


Allison said...

The colourwork is amazing on this sweater. The fit is lovely. Nice job!

KarenJ said...

What a beautiful sweater! I know I'll never make it since a)I'm not Canadian and b)I live in a warm country where they've never heard of moose ( imagine the comments!) but it is still, absolutely gorgeous!