Monday, February 01, 2010

Puffy Vest: Record Time for A Completed Sweater

It took two tries, but the Puffy Vest turned out exactly the way I wanted. Last weekend, I had worked almost all the way up to the armholes, and discovered that it was too big.

So I undid it - bravely - and restarted with fewer stitches. I cast on the second time about 5pm on Monday, and I had it finished 49 hours later - just in time to wear for my Wednesday night class. (Although I have to say that it's not easy to do a three-needle bind off with only two needles, when you're on the streetcar. It can be done, but it's not for the fainthearted.) When I left the house to go to my class, it was still on the needles, but I finished it enroute. N looked a bit befuddled when I arrived home... "That didn't have a hood when I saw it last, did it?"

And it's perfect. Fits exactly the way I wanted, and looks just as I hoped it would. It needs to be quite fitted and cropped, otherwise the puffiness of the mohair would be overwhelming and unflattering.

I expect to wear this a lot.

I designed and knitted this entirely for me - an unusual treat. This wasn't a commission, it wasn't designed with publishing or sale in mind - it's just for me. I was, therefore, able to indulge my own whims - and make it to fit little ol' me.

The gratifying thing is that the response has been so good I think I will write it up for sale.

Although I might need to knit a second one, in a colour that will actually photograph well. I think I need to convince Mum to knit one for my niece so she can test the pattern...


Kirsten said...

Oooh, what's your gauge? I have some fake fuzzy mohair from Value Village, and there might be enough for one of these!

(Not that I'm already madly trying to finish a knitted wedding gift in February).

Curlysheep said...

Oh wow. Congrats Kate! You really are an extraordinary knitter/designer. Looks fab on you!

Teresa said...

That. Rocks.
Please do write it up so I can have one too!