Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oohh... New Noro... And Mitten Weather

I was surfing around, checking out some of my favourite LYS sites, and I tripped over this on the Naked Sheep site...

Gorgeous, eh? This mittten was worked with Noro Bonbori, using my mitten template as published on Knitty.

Everyone knows I'm a ho for Noro (t-shirt, anyone?), and this is a Noro yarn I haven't worked with. I'm dying to try it out. Just look at those colours!

On a related note... it's zero degrees Celsius in Toronto this morning... brrr... definitely mitten weather.

If you've got some Noro lying around, or your hands are cold - or you just realized like I did that it's just over 10 knitting weeks to Christmas - then you might be interested in revisiting my mitten knitting lesson and design-your-own-mitten instructions at Knitty.

This is what the lovely ladies at the Sheep used to make the mitten pictured above.

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