Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Knitter's Frolic: Socks and Yarn

This weekend is the DKC Knitter's Frolic, held at the Japanese Cultural Centre near Don Mills and Eglinton in Toronto. I've blogged about this event before -- it's a major highlight of the knitting year -- and one that I'm always in town for!

I'm teaching a workshop on Saturday - Socks 102. It's designed for knitters who have some experience knitting socks, but want to broaden their skills. I discuss different heel and toe shaping. I will demonstrate how to tweak and customize the fit of a sock- including making knee socks, accommodating particularly narrow or wide ankles, and how to improve the feet of a short-row heel. I will talk about toe-up and top down. I will even demo magic loop! Bring your sock-related questions! I love a good challenge.

I love the marketplace, too. The exciting bit for me is meeting with the smaller, local yarn producers. Hopeful Shetlands and Shelridge Farms are two of my favourites. They're both based in Ontario, and produce wonderful stuff. Hopeful in particular has a lot of undyed yarns, in the most wonderful natural sheepy colours. And Shelridge makes one of my favourite sock yarns.

Hope to see you there! Say hello!

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