Friday, October 06, 2006

Discouraging or Honest?

There's a knitter out there somewhere who thinks I'm a horrible person.

I was in Sheep last Sunday, having just finished my sock class, and I was approached by a woman who needed some help. I'm a reasonably helpful sort, so I waded in.

She was asking about different types of yarns; she was looking for a dark coloured mohair or similar. I pointed her to some lovely chunky weight mohair yarns. As we chatted, details emerged. She's a new knitter. She doesn't yet know how to purl. And she's working on her first scarf.

She had brought her needles -- her only set -- to the store with her. I think she thought I might have needed to check them for safety purposes.

I started gently redirecting her to smoother yarns; yarns easier to work with.

"Oh no, no. I need something to go with the mohair I've got."

After some pointing and questioning, I learn that she's already got 2 balls of Kidsilk Haze. In dark purple. To make a scarf. I remind you that she's a new knitter who doesn't yet know how to purl.

So here's the thing about Kidsilk Haze. I've said it before, you might recall. The results are unquestionably magnificent. It's lightweight and warm and cobwebby and mohairy and delicous.

It is also -- bar none -- the most difficult yarn I've ever worked with. I told the customer this. I even said "you might think I'm horrible, but... ". I made a scarf last fall in Kidsilk Haze and it nearly killed me. A garter stitch scarf, mind you. The stuff is incredibly sticky, gets tangled like some horrible tangly thing, and is impossible to rip out. (Although I suppose that actually is a good thing if you drop a stitch...)

"But it's so nice... " "Oh yes, absolutely, no question. It's lovely. But don't use it."

We went on like this for a few minutes. I repeated to her that I was a seriously experienced knitter and even I would think twice about working with it.

I left her there, puzzling. I have no idea what she ultimately did. I may have frightened her off for life -- but the Kidsilk Haze would have have the same effect.


denny Mcmillan said...

you did good, I've seen in action.

Just show them the cashmere baby.

mmj said...

having worked in a yarn store on occasion, i know how hard it can be to tell someone the truth. we are yarn lovers fundamentally. and that wee ball of Kidsilk Haze is so damned alluring.

yet, like interlocking brick, it is not something to be taken on by the feint of heart.

you did the right thing and soon that person will understand why you said what you did.